Sound artist and musician based in Barcelona, Spain.



Oct 25 ‘23 — Casa Encendida, MAD, ESP
— with Valentina Alvarado Matos

Oct 28 ‘23 — Pneuma, Murcia, ESP

Nov 04 ‘23 - San Sebastian, TBC
- with Rupert Clervaux

Nov 07 ‘23 — Cafe Oto, LDN, UK
— with Rupert Clervaux + TBC

Nov 11 ‘23 — La Marfa, Girona, ESP
— with Valentina Alvarado Matos

Nov 17 ‘23 — Hangar, BCN, ESP
— with TBC


Paralaxe Editions


From Boomkat

Contemporary artist Nile Koetting tasks Dania with soundtracking his Nürnberg installation, after several projects with Nozomu Matsumoto. Dania responds with a multi-faceted transition of field recordings, traces of sampled YouTube videos, layered vocals, and fragments of piano gelled into a gently febrile, dreamlike work

“Downtime Salon is a long-form music piece originally created by Dania for an installation by artist Nile Koetting for Musik Installationen Nürnberg, in July 2022. It was a site specific waiting room located in the middle of the Steinbühl S-Bahn station on a barren staircase and busy forecourt. Koetting developed a listening-focused waiting room environment where festival goers were invited to rest, listen, and kill time as they transitioned from one festival event to the next.

Inspired by his experience working in the service industry in Japan where BGM (background music) is flooded into every social environment, Koetting worked with artist Reece Cox to curate a selection of 14 composers, Dania among them, to produce long-form compositions serving as background music. Throughout each day of the festival, visitors listened to these works for any duration of their choosing. Populating the walls of the space are LED screens displaying detailed analysis of each composition produced using a music analysis engine called Cyanite, similar to technology used by streaming services to read ‘mood’ or ‘vibe’ of songs to then produce algorithmic playlists. Alongside the Cyanite graphs, visitors will find virtual festival schedules, train timetables, and bespoke animations produced collaboratively with artist Rina Cho.

Dania's contribution to the performance is this collage of accumulated sounds from her archive including: her own previously discarded vocal layers, YouTube instrument demonstrations, oceans and winds, trains and chatter, permuted piano fragments, circular and woodwind trills. All sounds have been recycled, resampled and stitched together into a single long-form piece.”