Sound artist and musician based in Barcelona, Spain.



May - June: 
— 5 week residency CBI, Providenza

May 18 —Hangar, BCN
—with Flora Yin Wong

July 5 — Casa Montjüic, BCN

July 15  — Cafe Oto, LDN
— with Felisha Ledesma, Rosso Polare, Not Waving


Paralaxe Editions


Ecstatic is thrilled to announce Foreign Body, the latest release from Barcelona-based Dania Shihab, who crafts dreamlike transmissions into the evocative concept of the 'foreign body' in the context of forced migration and cultural loss.
A tapestry of sounds and emotions, this work is a product of Dania's exploration of her experiences as an Iraqi-born individual who grew up in Tasmania, Australia, an island where her native culture was completely absent. The profound sense of longing for a homeland that has never truly been experienced reverberates throughout, with each track poignantly capturing the complexities of feeling like a stranger in one's own body and society.

Inspired by her work as an emergency doctor, the artist delves into the idea of removing foreign bodies, and sees forced migrants as 'foreign bodies' within their adopted societies. This release serves as a window into the emotional displacement of forced migrants and the struggle for cultural identity.

Foreign Body was written and recorded at home in Barcelona, using a 4-track tape recorder, vocal looping techniques, modular synthesis, and collaged samples of Iraqi musicians and poets from the post-Gulf War era into an amorphous cloud of magnetic drones and soft hypnogogic vocal textures to entrance the listener.

An emotive and evocative release, Foreign Body weaves together sounds and stories to explore a universal human experience. It is a testament to the sublime power of music to communicate emotion.